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1. Mini 6Pin plug directly on the apple motherboard dedicated graphics auxiliary power interface.
2. PCI-E 6Pin plug in graphics card, if your graphics card is 2x6Pin interface, you need 2x6Pin power cord.
3. A single cable is required for most video cards such as the nVidia 7800 GT, 7800 GTX, 8800 GT/GTS, Quadro FX 4500 cards or the ATI X1900 GT/XT, 3870 5770 cards.
(TWO cables are required for cards like the nVidia 8800 GTX, Quadro FX 5600 or the ATI 4870 6870 cards.)
1. Model: JR
2. Length:27cm
3. Wire:18AWG
4. Colour: Black+Yellow
5. Port: Mini 6 Pin male to PCI-E 6 Pin male 

Package Included:
1 x Cable

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