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1. Full copper-plated terminals provide better data transfer and higher signal strength.
2. The transparent RJ45 body makes identification line sequence easier.
3. Reliable, compliant performance of connectors work effectively.
4. Without the wire clamp, you can crimp RJ-45 Connector without a professional.
5. This product is made of plastic, all-copper gold-plated terminals, PCB board, and double-clamp fixed cable behind, which can be reused.
6. Size: 53×15.1×14.7mm (manual measurement, there may be errors).

1. The core of the network cable is very thin and can not be used, at least 0.4 or more.
2. The core of network cable is multi-strand wire is not usable.
3. The Cat5e is 100M, which is thinner than Cat6, and the line can be matched with the head. Generally, the household used can choose Cat5e.
4. The difference between the long and short versions is mainly in size and wiring.

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