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Brand: BlitzWolf®
Model: BW-PM1
Material for the base: TPU
The color of the base: Black, White, Blue, Pink
7 x White Pieces
2 x blue
2 x P
1 x Black
1. Compact – Small base takes up only a tiny fraction of your desk space.
2. Capacity –  Each cable slots can hold several regular sized USB cables.
3. Back-Adhesive – Strong simple and fast to install, simply peel and stick, no extra tools needed.
4. Universal design can be used anywhere you want to tidy up cabling.
5. Power Cords, Charging Cables, USB Cords, Cell Phone Chargers, Audio Cables, Headphones can all be organized with the BW-PM1.
6. Available in 4 great colors to match your decor.
Package included:
1X BlitzWolf® BW-PM1 Cable Organizer Holder (12PCS)

How to set up:
1. Remove the adhesive from the base.
2. Attach the base of the clip to your desk or any smooth clean surface.
3. Mount your cables into the sticky clip.


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