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1. Eleven, designed for USB-C/Type-C notebooks.
2. Three USB30 interfaces, 5Gbp/s high-speed USB3.0 interface, easy to transfer large movie files, reduce waiting time, external U disk, keyboard, mouse and other devices.
3. HDMI interface has a resolution of up to 1080P, high-definition picture quality, as clear and smooth as a movie theater, not stuck.
4. Type-C flash port, 60W high power, to meet the expansion of external multi-devices, can provide 20V/3A powerful power supply for notebooks.
5. Independent audio port design, support headset and microphone audio output, solve listening to songs, recording songs, voice calls and other issues.
6. SD/TF card socket, solve the problem of Macbook/Ultrabook cardless card reading, and speed reading, making data processing more efficient.
7. Fine sandblasted aluminum alloy shell material, corrosion resistant, easy to dissipate heat, scratch-resistant, integrated, higher strength, more durable.
8. The top and bottom are designed with a non-slip silicone pad to ensure the body is stable when used.
9. Expand Macbook/Superbook multi-interface, multi-screen simultaneous work, suitable for a variety of scenarios, such as: conference / speech, while watching movies, stocks / securities.

1. Net weight of the product: 243g.
2. Product size: 280×90.5x18mm.
3. Transmission rate: 5 Gbp/s.
4. Working voltage: 5V-20V.
5. Operating temperature: 0-45 degrees Celsius.
6. Line length: 17cm.
7. Comply with the USB-C/Type-C interface specification.
8. Material: aluminum alloy.

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